Accent Class Wimbledon

Improve your English accent with ‘Smashing English’ (We’ll be re-launching shortly!)

Classes resume in April

(Please note that there will be no classes Wednesday 16, 23rd and 30th March)

Doors open 12:55pm. Class runs from 1-1:40pm. Fee £5.

The aim of these classes is to find out how to sound fluid, natural, clear and confident when speaking English.

Every week we tackle a different aspect of pronunciation in a fast-moving, practical and fun lesson. A quick warm up is followed by vocal and lips, teeth, tongue exercises. These are focussed around the week’s theme; word stress, sentence stress, tricky vowels, flowing speech, long and short vowel sounds, ‘th’ voiced and unvoiced, the variations of ‘ch’ ‘dz’ and ‘sh’ and much much more. We move on to apply what we have learned using simple sentences and well known idioms and sayings. Finally we perfect the technique with conversation practice.

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About the Classes

The classes run weekly during Wednesday lunchtimes in Wimbledon. Join us for practical and effective tips on improving your English accent. Learn how to pronounce those mysterious English vowels and make yourself more clearly understood when talking with native speakers.

Every Wednesday at William Morris House, 267 The Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 1SD. Our forty-minute classes start at at 1pm.

Have a look at our taster video:

Cost: £5 per person (special introductory price)
Maximum 12 people per class (first come, first served)

Areas covered will vary from week to week but expect to cover:

  • lips, teeth and tongue exercises
  • English vowels and consonants
  • English usage: idioms, slang, everyday stuff
  • English rhythm and tone
  • presentation and interview tips
  • common mispronunciations for speakers from different countries
  • suggested words and sentences from the group

Which phrases and words do you feel constantly lead to confusion?

Sign up for classes using the form below, and let us know what you’d like help with.