About Helena

I am an actress (trained at Guildhall School of Music and Drama) who lives and works in SW London and I have a standard Southern British accent (click to hear). Voices and accents have been a particular interest of mine all my life and have come in very handy with some of my acting roles! Over the years I have picked up plenty of presenting and teaching experience and my drama workshop company red dot drama (for local kids afflicted with the #dramabug) has been running successfully since 2007.

It is no doubt a mix of all these factors that has led people to come to me for help with their speaking voices. Over the years I’ve coached folk from all walks of life and from countries far and wide, including Britain: doctors, hairdressers, architects, dinner ladies, students, mums, teachers, solicitors and lawyers …

It seemed the right time to develop this into a service … Red Dot Voice!

I do voice coaching in groups and individually, either at my home or via Skype sessions. My sessions are practical and dynamic, frequently involving my blackboard and always designed around the needs of the client. Everyone learns in a different way and at a different speed; I like to think my style is flexible, effective and fun. Whatever the reason I’m approached for help, my aim is to make a lasting and positive impact on that person’s voice and confidence within the shortest time. Clients feel the benefit after just one session!

Please contact me if you would like to book a session. If you’d like to attend my local voice workshop (£5 per session) please visit Wimbledon Accent Class.

Helena smiling


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